Back to School Checklist

The kids might have only been off school for a couple of weeks now – even if it does feel a little longer to you – but there is nothing wrong with being fully prepared for when they go back.

There are lots of  Back to School offers beginning now, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find them in one place by pulling together a list of the top deals out there.



WHSmith have made it easy for you to get all the kids stationery in one go with their Back to School stationery collections. With a range of different designs, colours and textures, there’s something for everyone! That’s stationery sorted in a few clicks…with a 2.5% donation if you do it all through easyfundraising.

School Uniform


F&F have put together a Back to School section on their website featuring a 2 for £7 offer on Gingham Dresses. With other smart school-wear prices starting from just £2.50, you’ll also find a size chart, a quality guide and even the option to personalise your kids’ school uniform – oh, and earn up to 4.75% for your cause if you’re a new customer. Brilliant!

School Shoes


If you’re after the right pair of school shoes, Clarks have some great deals to save you money. From £5 off kids sports shoes to an exclusive £10 off for adults when you kids shoes – don’t miss out! Whether you get home delivery or collect from the store, you will raise a 3.75% donation.

 School Books

The Book People

Are you on the lookout for new school books? Head over to The Book People to browse a selection of books that are tailored to different age groups, covering a number of school subjects. All that paired with a 2.5% donation when you shop through easyfundraising.



Often the kids will need access to a laptop, desktop or tablet when doing their homework. At Currys, along with a 0.5% donation, you’ll find student starter packs with great savings on printers, software, laptop bags and other accessories.

 Sports Kit

Sports Direct

Helping you get PE kit ready are Sports Direct with a selection of tops, pumps, tracksuit bottoms, shorts and swimming kits. For any after school clubs, you’ll find sports clothing and equipment for a range of different activities, including cricket, football, rugby and tennis. New customers will also raise a 2.5% donation!

Lunch Boxes and School Bags


Very have lunch box and school bag sets with all your kids’ favourite characters on, meaning they’ll be excited to show them off to all their friends when they return to school. That’s them happy, but how about something for you? A donation to your cause sound good? Talk about bagging a deal.

From school uniforms to lunch boxes, remember when you are buying everything you need for Back to School to shop through easyfundraising in order to raise donations for your good cause too!

P.S. Spread the word by sharing our summer family fun flyer to remind supporters how Back to School essentials can mean help your cause.

2 thoughts on “Back to School Checklist

  1. very nice listing. you covered all required things that are necessary to have before stepping in to school.
    And if we get all such things from one place that is fantastic, no headache at all.

  2. Great tips ! I have several new teacher colleagues at my high school, and they will find this very useful. At our school, BTSN is organized so parents travel from class to class according to their student’s schedule – 10 minutes per class, and a passing period. 10 minutes is very short, so I have developed a PowerPoint slide show to keep me focused as I present all the basis information, and leave the last couple minutes for questions. Like you suggest, I have clipboards around the room where parents can sign in and leave me contact info, and questions for later follow up. I am sure to have extra copies of my “French Class Success Guide” which I give to students the first day of school. I ask them to share it with parents, but teens are sometimes forgetful (I am sure that surprises you deeply!). The most important thing, is to make a positive connection. It may be the only time we ever meet the parents of most of our students, but that human contact provides context for emails and phone calls for the whole year!

    Who else has some ideas to share? Looking forward to the conversation.

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