We’re raising the bar

Since we started easyfundraising.org.uk way back in 2007 a lot has changed. Social media has taken the world by storm, the very first iPhone has launched, tablets are a household gadget and the Oxford Dictionary now includes words such as selfie, YOLO and amazeballs.

With all this in mind, we thought it time for a bit of a change.

Over the last year, we’ve asked our fabulous causes and supporters about what they’d like to see change, we’ve worked long and hard to bring a new look that feels right to easyfundraising and we’re very nearly ready to show it to you.

We want to make raising money for good causes even easier for you and our new website will definitely do that. But, even though we’re going to start looking a little different, our values are still the same.

We’re not going to give anything else away just yet but there’s not long to wait, so keep your eyes peeled. We hope you like it!