Cause of the Fortnight – BEUnited

Our latest Cause of the Fortnight, where we showcase one of our causes for two weeks and highlight the impactful work they do, is BeUnited.

Who are BEUnited?

BEUnited is an arts and cultural organisation that advocates for Black excellence in Scotland. In the past few years, the arts industry has taken many devastating hits – and those within the black community have found opportunities to advance their passions have dwindled more than ever.

Beginning in South Africa in 2014, BEUnited soon expanded to its base in Edinburgh where their mission is to diversify the arts and cultural sector in Scotland. Although a small organisation with a specialist focus, they have been pioneers in providing a platform for Scotland’s Black community and inspire change through their work.

What do BEUnited do?

After noticing the lack of diversity and the need for greater opportunities for African and Caribbean people to work within the arts in Scotland, BE United have responded with solutions to help get black artists the exposure they deserve. They have reacted to the need for facilities for those wishing to express their craft, and are able to support artists with the tools they need showcase their art.

Whether it be music, dance, or theatre, BEUnited supply a range of platforms for Black artists to enable them to bring their art to the masses. As a result of their hard work, BEUnited have enabled artists to perform at incredible events such as Edinburgh Festival Carnival, Fruitmarket and the Edinburgh Jazz Festival.

Their mission is to curate and manage a thriving African and Caribbean culture hub in Scotland. Through their work many people within the community have been able to enter into and progress through the arts and screen sector.

From providing spaces to rehearse, practise dance and showcase artwork, to artist promotion at events in Scotland, BEUnited fearlessly advocate for those in the black community and inspire talented individuals to promote their brilliance in the arts.

What challenges do BEUnited face?

This lack of diversity in the arts means many of our Scottish communities talents are not being seen and celebrated.

The task at hand for BEUnited was further impeded during the pandemic, when not only were many arts centres, venues and events closed or suspended, but fundraising efforts were also paused. It’s been a common saying these last few years that the arts are being hit the hardest, where funding and promotion was low to begin with.

Currently, with the cost-of-living crisis hitting the UK more than ever, organisations such as BEUnited are seeing a vast dip in all important donations, and are worried about the survival of their cause.

How do donations help?

Donations to BEUnited ultimately help promote arts and cultures from all over the world to wider audiences within Scotland. Funding is used to promote artists and provide space and equipment to all manner of artists so they can rehearse, perform, create and – at last – freely indulge in their passion.

How easyfundraising can help BEUnited?

By choosing BEUnited as your cause, you can donate to build a more inclusive Scottish arts sector. Every time you shop online you can donate – and with no extra cost to you, you are part of the process of providing a much-needed platform for artists, whose opportunities have so far been limited.

If you’d like to nominate your cause to be our Cause of the Fortnight, please email your full name, cause name and contact details to