Challenge Number 3: Cold as the North Pole

The star from the top of our Christmas tree went missing and there was only one person at easyfundraising HQ who could help save us from this Christmas travesty, fortunately for us that person was Karl Roberts.

Karl’s challenge was to find the Christmas Tree Star within 2 minutes, with only “hot”, “cold” & other festive temperature related clues to help him on his mission.

A strong start saw Karl storming over to the marketing team and suddenly finding himself very warm, confusion closely followed as he quickly became very cold.  Heading back the way he’d entered the room, Karl found himself once again getting warmer again and then suddenly cold.  This star seemed to be moving about the office!

After 1:59:81, Karl realised Matt had taken this star and hidden it on his person!  The star has been returned to it’s rightful position atop the easyfundraising Christmas tree. Phew, just in time!

Karl earned himself a £20 donation, which he’s given to ‘easyfundraising raising for Acorns’. Cracking job Karl!

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