Our Guide To The Best Charity Shops In Edinburgh

If you’re wondering if charity shops in Edinburgh take donations and where to go charity shopping and buy unique gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully, the information will also help you decide which charity shops in Edinburgh are best. You’ll also learn about the best places to donate your items .

Are Charity Shops Accepting Donations In Edinburgh?

Many of them do! In fact, some registered charity shops are even dedicated to taking donations from the public. However, not all charities can accept donations. If you have a particular item that you’d like to donate, you should consider donating to a shop that accepts that particular item. Not all charity shops accept all types of donations, so make sure to read the policies of your chosen shop before donating. But do take note, donating in an EBay store is different from donating in a charity shop.

Donations of clothes can help many different causes. However, if the clothes are not in perfect condition, put them into a separate bag. Label these clothes as “rags” so that charity shop staff can distinguish between the items. Your donations will help a worthy cause while also helping the environment! Of course, you should also keep in mind that some charity shops do not accept donations of certain items, such as firearms. You can donate homeware, books, DVDs, toys, and more.

What Town In Scotland Has The Most Charity Shops?

The town has more than 12 charity shops – most of the charity shops in Edinburgh are located in Stockbridge. Shelter charity shops are now taking donations, as the lockdown restrictions are beginning to be lifted. Thankfully, retail outlets will soon be back open, so you’ll be able to buy the latest clothes and accessories while supporting a great cause!

Edinburgh is renowned for its charity shops – there are dozens of them in the Old Town. These shops have a great selection of women’s clothing, and one rail is dedicated to men’s clothing. But Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland is a charity shop with a larger selection of men’s clothing than most. You can find jumpers, shirts, and trousers in this shop. They even have shoes!

What Items Do Charity Shops Not Take?

You may be wondering, what items do charity shops not take? If you’ve never donated to a charity before, and it was rejected,  you may be wondering why it was rejected. In short, some items are not suitable for sale at charities, such as weapons, perfumes, or electronic equipment. Some of these items are also too old or faulty to be resold, and they could end up being disposed of in a landfill, and, most importantly, for safety measures. You can avoid these problems by donating your unwanted items to charities which are legally accepted.

Charitable donations of clothes and other household items such as furniture and electrical items can help your local community. But be sure to call ahead to see if your chosen charity accepts such items. Some shops may be able to test electrical items, while others do not. Also, keep in mind that some charities may have a shortage of some items. In addition, it’s important to think seasonally when donating items to charity, because many shops need to turn over items fast in order to make money. Don’t give winter jumpers in summer or Christmas-branded clothes in February; they could end up in landfill.

Where Can I Find The Best Charity Shops In Edinburgh?

For those who like to donate to a good cause, the city’s top charity shops are a great way to donate. They’re like treasure troves filled with books, dresses and other interesting bits. Fortunately, there are many of them in Edinburgh. You can also check the internet for a charity-registered company which is considered as the top company.

If you’re into vintage clothing, Edinburgh has lots of second-hand shops and charity shops. Many of them specialise in a particular era. From the 60s to the 70s, you’ll find anything you’re looking for. You can even find designer labels! Another charity shop to visit is Oxfam, which has two branches and a general store. The British Heart Foundation also has a great selection of goods.

How Do I Donate To Charity Shops In Edinburgh?

When it comes to donating items to charity shops, it’s a good idea to consider the goal of the charity before you donate. For instance, a charity for Cancer Research, for example, will not accept items glorifying alcohol or promoting smoking. It may, however, accept wine glasses and other drinking paraphernalia. You can also donate homeware or clothes, as long as they’re in good condition. However, many charities and shops don’t accept items like car seats, wheelchairs, or helmets. Donating such items to a charity shop in your area that caters for these items can be a better option or alternatively see our list of London Charity Shops.

Many charity shops in Edinburgh will accept donations, but there are some items that they don’t. Bicycles and prams aren’t accepted at every charity shop, and some shops won’t accept electrical items. If you do have a bike or a pram, you can donate it to the Cats Protection charity. Don’t forget to sign up for Gift Aid if you’re able to donate any items. And do remember to make sure you donate to a registered charity or registered company so you can be sure it will go to the right hands.

What Can I Find In Charity Shops In Edinburgh?

Charitable shops are an incredible treasure trove. You can find a whole range of second-hand clothes, books, and homeware, all at a fraction of the cost of new. You can find anything from brand-new washing machines to vintage dresses at charity shops in the city centre of Edinburgh. The city’s most famous charity shops are situated in the Newington district and Morningside, which are easily accessible from the centre of the city. Make sure to check the opening hours of the charity shop that caught your eye.

Bethany Christian Trust is one of the shoppers’ favourite areas. Its window display changes regularly and its collection of books will stop you in your tracks. Its annual launch sale draws a huge queue of shoppers, and last year raised over PS2,000. The Bethany Shop, tucked away in a corner of a shopping main street, has some great pieces of clothing and homeware. The layout is not well organised, but the selection is good. If you’re interested in volunteering, try finding a charity shop that has a sign that says “Volunteer in our shops” and give it a go!