Claudia’s Cause

Claudia Laird was 24 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour two years ago (Jan 2022). After having life-saving brain surgery, she is now due for a second surgery and further treatment due to regrowth. Claudia said following her diagnosis “life is never the same.” She’s set up her cause with the aim to raise funds, directing attention and resources towards the cruel disease claiming more lives under 40 than any other cancers. We spoke to her to learn more about her journey and fundraising mission.

Tell us a bit about your story

“As you can imagine life after brain surgery/a brain tumour diagnosis is never the same. It was something I did not ever think about nor expect to happen to me – but that’s the thing about life, you always think these things won’t happen to you. And I am a prime example that they do – a healthy, happy, young female with so much life in me. Life cannot be sugar-coated, unfortunately. Whether you experience life tribulations from a young age or when you turn 40, it is inevitable that life comes with ups and downs. And that’s what makes life, life. It’s how you transition the rollercoasters, the feelings, and the ongoing emotions.”

What are you fundraising for?

“My primary aim is to raise funds, directing attention and resources towards the cruel disease claiming more lives under 40 than any other cancers. With a focus on young children, my perspective as a pediatric nurse on a neurological ward underscores the profound impact on families. My goal is not only to contribute to awareness and research but, more crucially, for the experience of young individuals. As a dedicated advocate, I aspire to support families throughout the challenging periods of treatment and beyond.”

What would you like to spend the donations on?

“Therefore, I envision utilising the donations to curate experiences for young individuals navigating the challenging journey of a brain tumour diagnosis – both pre & post-treatment. From cinema outings, zoo visits and bowling days to the ultimate escape of weekend getaways. There’s a poignant dream etched in my memory from a time when life was untouched by diagnosis, where I flew to Disneyland with children facing life-threatening illnesses. This dream fuels my unwavering commitment to giving back, an enduring promise to fight for a change in brain tumour statistics, and the improvement of individuals’ lives.”

How would you describe easyfundraising in your own words?

“easyfundraising is the perfect way to fundraise! Whatever you are already booking/spending, a percentage comes out of it towards my cause. E.g. and supermarkets.”

What are some of your favourite brands who you shop with via easyfundraising?

“If you’re anything like me, I take any opportunity for a holiday, weekend away, comfort of a hotel bed and breakfast!! is my most common platform. Why not sign up to my cause through easy funding and allow a percentage of the price you pay for your overnight stay go towards my fundraising mission?”

A short message to encourage new supporters to support your cause

“Truly, the diagnosis of brain cancer at this young age weighs heavily on my heart. The path ahead is bound to be challenging, especially with Astrocytoma’s reputation for regrowth and the necessity of ongoing treatment. Amidst this difficulty, I find solace and purpose in the opportunity to assist others, striving to make their journeys more bearable. My commitment lies in expanding research, fostering continuous awareness, and being an advocate and support in any possible way.”

If you’ve been inspired by Claudia’s story and would like to support Claudia’s Cause on easyfundraising you can sign up to support her here.