Bandanas for the Brave

We spoke to Ellen from Bandanas for the Brave after they we’re selected as one of our winners in our #ShareTheMagic photo competition.

How the £100 donation will make a difference for ELHT&Me?

I want to say a big thank you for letting us know about winning the £100.00 this is great news, especially at this time of the year, as Christmas means we spend more, doing our Santa’s Grotto for the whole community is always a fantastic event for us, so we this win will help with the many selection boxes that we need to purchase.

Tell us about your cause

“Bandanas for the Brave recognises the strength and bravery of all when they have when faced with a cancer diagnosis and our aim is to provide a FREE bandana to all people and help them keep their confidence and their spirit in the fight against cancer.

The bandanas that we provide are FREE and have been specifically chosen to benefit our brave warriors so all they need to do is wear them in the many ways they can be worn, but that unless you have been on that journey you would never think about, the bandanas are made from a microfibre material that can both keep you warm on a cold day or cold on a hot day they also draw away the moisture from the head, they are also very soft and are seamless therefore very comfortable to wear, some also have UV protection which is extremely important to children with cancer, and  they make the children more excited when see they come in so many different cool designs and colours.”

Why did you sign up to easyfundraising?

We started using easyfundraising after another parent told me about your platform, at first I thought it was to go to be true, that we could get something for nothing, but after a few months and people signing on to easyfundraising, the donations came in very quickly.  I like that now you have given us a template to share to our followers on SM, as it makes it so much easier to share.

I look forward to further interactions with our supporters and sharing the positives for us that easyfundraising can do, as we have struggled with people donating since Covid.

Thank you Ellen!

If you’d like to support Bandanas for the Brave on easyfundraising you can sign up here: