easyfundraising app – same app, new features!

Great news! We’ve added some new exciting features to the app that will make it even easier to use!

Causes – set your targets!

easyfundraising app 1
For the first ever time on the easyfundraising app, you can now set a new target for your cause to achieve for all your supporters to see!

You can even add a description of what you’re hoping to raise money for and let them know by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and email.


Keep checking your progress and once you’ve reached your target, you can use our share options to tell all your supporters the fantastic news.

You can even share a personalised message with your supporters to thank them for all their great work helping your cause reach its goal and start again with a brand new target for them to hit!

Supporters – spread the word!

easyfundraising app 2

If you’re supporting a cause, you can help spread the word with the app by sharing your cause’s page and inviting others to join you in the fundraising fun!

You can now see and share the amount your cause is hoping to reach and what the money will be used for at the click of a button.

Keep up to date with the progress of your cause’s target on the app and update fellow supporters when they’ve finally achieved your fundraising goal.

With these great new features on the easyfundraising app, you can get the most out of fundraising as well as peace of mind that you’re always raising funds for your good cause when you shop on the move.

If you want to raise free funds for your cause or check how well your cause is doing, download the free app on your iPad and iPhone today and join over 43,000 other easyfundraisers who are using it to raise up to 50% more for their cause!