easyfundraising Cheques making a difference

We’ve just sent out the latest batch of fundraising cheques to good cause across the country. It’s always a mammoth task as there are so many causes making the most of the easyfundraising scheme!

Between January and March this year, our members raised £305,995.70 for their chosen causes, and to date we’ve raised over £3.4m.

easyfundraising cheques are helping so many different causes achieve so many great things; here’s what some of our Facebook community are using their funds for:

  • Sophie Wallace: “Friends of Dacre Braithwaite will be putting the money towards our play markings in the playground. We love easy fundraising- the money soon adds up and it’s so easy to do :-)”
  • Richard Salter; “St John Ambulance Warwick LINKS will be putting it towards buying items for our first aid kits, to be used at events we provide first aid cover at.”
  • Karen Adams; “It will go on increased postage costs! Our newsletter is eagerly awaited we hear and not everybody does Facebook (unbelievably!)”
  • Ninette Gray: “Plaster of paris for the scouts tracking night – to make casts of animal footprints they find – 1st Whittingham BP Scout Group
  • Sarah Neal: “Received ours today, it will be going on crafting bits for our activities – 2nd Heybridge Brownies.”
  • Hope for Kids: Just received a cheque for £28 from @easyuk! This will be used to help our care centre programme for kids in a very poor community in #Peru!”
  • Lynn Tulloch: “At ‘safe and sound pound dogs‘ we have been using the funds towards our ‘Pitch In For A Poundie, Help Them Set Of To Safety’ campaign. With ever rising fuel costs, it makes it very expensive now to transport death row dogs to their rescue home. Easyfundraising helps us do more; more for the dogs, more the rescues & more for council shelters. Thank you so much for your help. You rock!”
  • Joanne Baines: “We at Welshpool High School are buying outdoor seating so everyone can enjoy this beautiful weather! Thanks EF!”
  • Kate Holcombe-Edwards: “We at Orchard Way Primary School will be putting our cheque towards our school pond area renovations that are taking place in June. Thanks EF x”
  • Justine Parker: “Our £58 for 1st Ashton North Brownies is going towards a trip to Blackpool Zoo in conjunction with our Friends to Animals badge.”
  • Debbie Robison: £183 for St Kessog’s Primary!! whooop whooop, this will go in the pot to provide essential equipment for the children which the government no longer pays for!”
  • Marie Clarke: ‎Bedworth Disabled Swimming Club will be putting our cheque towards the entry fee for a gala in Tamworth next month. This year our team has members aged between 12 and 67, with some members taking part in their first ever gala, so it should be an interesting day! Thank you EasyFundraising for helping us to raise some extra cash towards this.”

So to all our members, on behalf of all our causes, we say a big ‘WELL DONE AND THANK YOU!’