John Lewis | Supporting the supporters

Here at easyfundraising we love hearing back from our customers who have raised for their causes! From funds for iPads for schools to lawnmowers for football teams, we know that every penny helps towards achieving our causes fundraising goals.

One of our retailers, John Lewis, has been supporting communities and causes for a very long time. So long in fact that it is enshrined within the John Lewis Partnership which states:

Contributing to the wellbeing of our communities was written into our constitution by our founder

– which for easyfundraisers this comes in the form of donations when you shop.

Salisbury FC Supporters Clubs

One of those causes which John Lewis has helped raise donations for is the Salisbury FC Supporters Club (SFCSC). Michaela Menzel, SFCSC’s secretary, said

We want to help make the supporters experience a good one – we have raised funds for a new lawnmower for the club. I’ve bought iPads and various other things from John Lewis for my aquarium business. I think it’s great that they offer large donations and that they offer warranties on goods too.

Without further ado here’s the lawnmower modelled by Salsbury FC’s Mascot – Chalkie

chalkie crop


Stockport Wheelchair Racing Team

We also spoke to Rick at the Stockport Wheelchair Racing Team, who thinks John Lewis are brilliant – especially the price matching. The club are going to the Rio Paralympics and had new members that could not afford a racing chair. With the money raised from John Lewis via easyfundraising they have been able to buy a second-hand racing chair to take to Rio and spare parts.

Christ Church High Harrogate

From Rio to Harrogate, Jane and her fellow fundraisers at Christ Church High Harrogate love John Lewis. They’re Jane’s favourite electricals retailer and she buys everything for her house there. Along with many of our other John Lewis customers, she especially likes the 2 year guarantee which gives more confidence in purchasing. They recently upgraded the toilets in the church using their easyfundraising donations and they will put future funds towards installing a disabled ramp at the church.

As you can see our fundraisers love raising with John Lewis, with over £797,000 raised so far! There’s always special offers – from furniture to fashion, gardening to technology and stationery to sports and fitness. It’s easy to feel good when shopping with John Lewis.

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