Quick wins | 3 Super Simple Steps to Sign Up Supporters For Your School or PTA Now

You’ve registered your school or PTA with easyfundraising and you’re all set and ready to raise… so what’s next?

Here’s three simple steps to help you get more supporters:

1. Do it yourself

The great thing about easyfundraising is just how easy it is. Login and have a go yourself so you’re ready to answer any questions from potential new supporters. Here’s a video that tells you everything you need to know!

2. Spread the word

If you have Facebook, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to reach potential new supporters. Whether you have a Facebook page, group or personal profile, share your cause page at 8am or 6pm onwards when supporters are more likely to be online.

3. Tap the app

Download the easyfundraising app on your mobile or tablet, then next time you’re telling someone about easyfundraising, tap the app and they can sign up there and then!

Stay tuned for more guides to help you raise funds for your school and share your top tip in the comments below.