Roundabout Dramatherapy

Roundabout is a dramatherapy charity, providing mental health support across London and neighbouring boroughs. Their aim is to improve mental health, by working with individuals and groups of all ages in the community, using verbal and non-verbal methods, and a wide range of theatrical and dramatic techniques. 

Roundabout is dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable people, using the creative power of dramatherapy to enhance mental health. An example of the great work they do is shared by a parent whose child is being supported by the service: 

Before he started dramatherapy my son found it extremely difficult to express his emotions, he would get very upset and anxious if something was bothering him, he just didn’t have the ability to openly express how he felt, he would become withdrawn and then very tearful. I was hoping that through dramatherapy my son would be able to open up and feel at ease enough to say that he maybe feeling sad, upset or unsure and that it was ok to say. 

But since he has been attending weekly dramatherapy sessions all I can say is WOW! Dramatherapy has been the highlight of my son’s school year. As the weeks went on my son grew in confidence and was able to tell us as a family what he was doing in the sessions, which was amazing to hear as he was so animated and excited about what he had done. 

During the Covid19 lockdown my son has been attending the virtual sessions with the dramatherapist every Friday and it’s absolutely amazing to watch him and the dramatherapist in the sessions. My son is fully engaged, verbal, happy and mobile (he does a lot of dancing!). I can honestly say that the sessions have been a lifeline to my son during this time and as a parent it has been a joy to watch the sessions.  

I am extremely grateful that my son has had this opportunity to attend dramatherapy it has been an amazing experience for him, it has made him grow in confidence and he is able to express his feelings so much better, he is able to reflect and proceed which is something he has never been able to do before as his anxiety would just take over.”

Prior to March 2020, all Roundabout’s dramatherapy sessions were delivered face to face, in nurseries, schools, day centres and care homes for older adults. The team of dramatherapists had a very steep learning curve switching sessions to remote. To their great relief, they were able to continue running 87% of sessions via zoom, email, telephone, a small number face to face.

But now the demand for their services is even greater than before. Referrals for mental health support for children and adults are through the roof, so the need to fundraise is also greater than ever before.  

Donations raised help fund projects with both younger children and older adults. With children, one of the urgent needs is to help them manage their anxiety, with levels significantly higher since the pandemic. With older adults with dementia, dramatherapy is also helping them to manage their anxiety, communicate creatively and develop friendships with fellow care home residents. 

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