The Fundraising Difficulties of Today’s Schools

Here at easyfundraising our main goal is to ensure everyone reaches their full fundraising potential. Through our work with a variety of different causes, we’ve seen first hand that there are many sectors in the UK that are falling short of their funding goals and requirements. Schools up and down the UK continue to suffer and need more funding than ever.

What’s going on in our schools?

Annual fundraising targets for schools

Recently, we conducted a survey of more than 250 schools and PTAs (Parent Teacher Associations) across the UK, to understand the problem first hand. A staggering 81% now need to raise more money than they did five years ago. In fact, nearly three quarters of them have to raise between £1,000 and £10,000 just to give their pupils the best chance to achieve at school and in later life.

Not all schools have the help of a PTA, and it’s those schools that need the most help with funding. A huge 80% of those surveyed without PTAs said they were only able to raise less than £5,000, with 53% missing their fundraising target.

Those with PTAs are doing slightly better, with only 53% raising less than £5,000, and only 21% missing their funding target. In fact 19% actually exceeded it.

Making a difference in our schools

Most popular fundraising needs in schools

Technology is clearly making an impact in our schools, and with that increased use of tech comes a requirement for funding. However, the main areas that all schools need help with still remain the same as in the past, with books and sports equipment the top two requirements across the schools we surveyed.

The top funding requirements for schools include:

  • Books – 71% of all schools said that they raise funds for this
  • Sports Equipment – 65%
  • Technology – 58%
  • School Trips – 55%
  • New Computers – 36%


Why are we in this situation?

We asked both schools and PTAs why 81% of them are experiencing ever-increasing fundraising targets and it is clear that cuts from local authorities are having a heavy impact. 73% of schools and 69% of PTAs identified a lack of local authority funding as the key reason behind their growing targets.

The rising cost of equipment came in second at 71% and 62% respectively, and keeping up with the advancements in technology came in third place at 56% and 49%.

Fundraising challenges facing schools

But not only are they being required to raise more funds, it is also becoming increasingly difficult. 61% of both schools and PTAs find it more difficult to raise funds than five years ago, citing a lack of engagement and decreases in disposable income as the key factors.

When questioned about the consequence of missing targets responses included a continuing pressure to raise additional funds in the following year, as well as a fundamental suffering to children’s learning. One PTA even noted the impact on teaching staff and the pressure felt to keep staff motivated and committed in an underfunded environment.

Overall our findings have highlighted the significant difficulties faced by those in the education sector, when trying to raise money to help young people reach their full potential.

easyfundraising can help those looking to fundraise for their school or PTA, as an alternative to traditional methods.