Senior Staffy Club

Albert, current long-term resident at the Senior Staffy Club

As part of our new #MakeitCount campaign, we’re thrilled to share the inspiring work of some of our amazing causes using easyfundraising. We spoke to Julia from the Senior Staffy Club, a remarkable charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming senior dogs.

Tell us about your cause

Senior Staffy Club rescues and rehomes staffies and staffy cross dogs over the age of 7. The charity was founded 11 years ago by Kate Lee when she realised that in her local rescue, it was always the older staffies that struggled to find new families and were left behind. She adopted Madge, one of the left-behind, and SSC has christened itself Her Madgesty’s Charity!

A lot of the dogs who come into our care have health problems, as you’d expect with older dogs, so we probably have higher vet bills than many other dog rescues. They may come in as strays, from other rescues that have struggled to rehome them, from owners who can no longer care for them for whatever reason, or from families where the dog’s owner has died. Sometimes, they have been mistreated and need behavioural help. SSC never gives up on a dog, so they get whatever care they need until they are ready for a fresh start. We also offer continuing support for some of our dogs after they are adopted, for example if they need expensive medication or ongoing treatment.

Why did you sign up to easyfundraising?

The charity signed up to easyfundraising because it seemed – the clue is in the name! – a really easy way for us to boost funds, and an easy way for our supporters to donate to us without it costing them anything.

What do you like about easyfundraising?

easyfundraising also seems like a very positive organisation that is keen to promote and support good causes. It’s great that easyfundraising sends special promotions to supporters by email, so even if they hadn’t thought about shopping and donating that day, they might just see something they want to purchase and hey presto! It turns into a donation for their favourite charity.

Do you do any other fundraising outside of easyfundraising?

As a dog rescue with high vet bills alongside all the other expenses involved in looking after the dogs in our care, we are always mindful of ways to raise money. We hold our own events, such as online auctions, and we are lucky to have supporters who carry out their own challenges for us, whether that be bungee jumping or holding craft sales. We have recently opened our own online shop for merchandise, on which we will make a small profit, and we design and sell our own Christmas cards and calendars each year. As the saying goes, every little helps!

Thank you, Julia!

If you’re inspired by the Senior Staffy Club’s incredible work and would like to support their cause, we invite you to join us in making a difference. Sign up with easyfundraising, and every purchase you make can contribute to giving senior staffies a second chance at a happy life. Together, we can ensure these dogs receive the care and support they need and deserve. You can sign up here.