The 5 Best Fitness DVDs for a Healthy 2016


The 5 Best Fitness DVDs for a Healthy 2016

The 5 Best Fitness DVDs for a Healthy 2016

Christmas is over and the ‘let’s get fit’ January period is behind us; so if you’re still thinking about fitness, you’re probably much more serious than most. There are so many different methods, theories and opinions out there when it comes to getting fit and it can be hard to make sense of it all, so what can we do?

One great solution that’s convenient and affordable is the fitness DVD; a one-off purchase that could help you dance, stretch and crunch your way into a healthier lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. Sound good?

Here are 5 of the very best fitness DVDs you can try in 2016, with some familiar celebrity faces:

1. Lauren Goodger – OMG! Workout

Boxing Day saw Lauren Goodger’s OMG! Workout hit the workout DVD charts, just in time for the New Year; boasting the potential to lose 6lbs per week with her new fitness regime and diet plan.

The DVD features Lauren and her two trainers, Emma and Lisa, demonstrating a series of fun, fast moves including ‘plyo-dynamics’ (jump exercises).

The TOWIE star lost 4 stone last year by following this plan and it can be part of your DVD collection for £12.99.

2. Davina McCall – 5 Week Fit

Davina has been a household name in the fitness industry for over a decade and now she’s released her latest workout DVD, 5 Week Fit, to help get you into shape in just 5 weeks.

The regime is built using short bursts of intense movement to build up your cardio stamina and core strength, so you get an all-over body workout.

If you can stick to it for 5 weeks you’ll be well on your way to that sculpted figure you’ve been craving. What’s more, at £12.99 it’s much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer for 5 weeks.

3. Zumba – Beto Perez

If you’re finding your usual workouts a little dull or unnecessarily serious then Zumba is definitely the way to go. It’s the dancing fitness craze that took the world by storm a few years ago, remaining a firm favourite in the industry ever since.

With this super fun fitness regime from the creator of Zumba himself, Beto Perez, you can dance off those calories for just £10.

Zumba continues to bring strong results and great reviews from those who’ve tried it, so it might be time to give this lively alternative to regular exercise a go in 2016.

4. Lorraine Kelly – Living to the Max

Back to the celebs now for Lorraine Kelly’s brand new workout DVD, Living to the Max, featuring Zumba instructor Maxine Jones. The DVD is filmed during some of Maxine’s regular classes and takes you through three 20 minute workout regimes, combining dance and aerobic movements.

You can even do the extra bonus 20 minute section once you’ve built up a higher level of fitness and want to really push yourself.

If you’re looking for an intense workout with lots of motivation then Lorraine and Maxine can help you out, and it’s just £13.

5. Yogalates

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like the classics to get the results you’re looking for. The combination of Yoga for flexibility and Pilates for toning has long been rated as one the most effective methods and makes a nice change to all that jumping about.

If you’re looking for a gentle and meditative way to get into shape, then this is the DVD for you; an easy to follow regime made up of three segments, which you can tailor to your needs and time restraints.

What’s more, this DVD is perfect for beginner and intermediate levels so you won’t feel out of your depth. If you weren’t already convinced, this DVD is less than £4 so it’s absolutely worth a try.