Tips on keeping warm and saving this winter

Winter is just around the corner, and with soaring energy prices and the accompanying cost-of-living crisis, how to keep warm and save money over the winter months will no doubt be on your mind. 

As heating bills increase, so has pressure on personal finances. So, we’ve put together a few ways to help fight the crisis.   

There are many ways you can stay warm throughout the winter that don’t involve turning the thermostat up to max, and if you do have money to spare, we’ve got some bonus tips for how best to save it. 

Wrap up

It sounds obvious, but layers and layers are key. Sports kit is designed to wick sweat while keeping you warm, so it might be worth investing in a base layer or warm fleece. 

Your extremities are where you lose the most heat, so slippers, gloves and hats will all help keep you warm, as well as cosy snoods and scarves, which can be used in loads of different ways! 

Beware the temptation of false economies. If you can, investing in quality like a good pair of Levi’s can be much more economical in the long-term. That doesn’t mean you can’t grab a bargain – head to TK Maxx to find great brands at incredible prices. 

Keep the heat in your home 

Go on the hunt for pesky draughts, which are a major source of heat loss for the home, and block them where you can, whether it’s by closing doors, using keyhole covers, keeping the curtains shut or using a door draught stopper. 

Warm food and drinks

Porridge, soup and stews are all hot, healthy and cheap winter warmers – not to mention delicious! Cooking from scratch using basic ingredients like rice, vegetables and a few herbs and spices is often much cheaper and healthier than buying pre-made meals. 

Dig out the sleeping bag

Rather than let your sleeping bags gather dust over the winter, you could put them to use. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you go camping! Try sitting or lying on the couch in your sleeping bag with a mug of hot chocolate and a movie and you’ve got yourself a cosy night in! 

If you don’t have a sleeping bag (or don’t fancy sitting in one to watch a movie), try the humble water bottle, which you can also pop in your bed 20 minutes before you get in for a toasty night’s sleep. 

Keep healthy 

It’s tempting to snuggle up and not move very much in the colder months, but exercise is great for circulation which in turn will help you stay warm.  

As well as exercise, make sure you get enough sleep (under the covers is also the warmest place!), eat well and drink less alcohol and more water. If you visit a gym or sports facility, you can always use their facilities to save. 

Embrace mood lighting

Invest in some candles or fairy lights so you can save on electricity while enjoying a warm, calming ambience in your home. Just be sure to take safety precautions if you’re using naked flames. 

Make your savings count 

Consider putting any savings into an individual savings account, otherwise known as an ISA. These allow you to save your money without having to pay tax on interest, dividends, or gains, and with certain ISAs, you can pick up hefty bonuses if you’re saving for certain uses, such as buying your first home or saving for children.  

Prioritise repaying debts first 

Before you even think about saving, it usually makes sense to pay off your debts first, as the interest on debts like credit cards, loans, overdrafts and store cards is often much higher than the interest you’ll earn on any savings. 

Track your progress 

They say you can’t improve what you don’t record, so keep an ongoing budget to figure out how much you spend. There are some great apps available for this, but a simple notebook will do just fine too. Make sure you set goals around your financial priorities and make a step-by-step plan to cut spending and increase saving.