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About Fan Art Architecture

Creators of stunning and unique artworks that are perfect gifts for fans of Harry Potter, Disney, Lord of The Rings and more. We are artists who design stunningly accurate architectural renders of famous fantasy buildings inspired by beloved films, books and TV shows. We sell made-to-order prints of our original artworks to customers across the world and we work with one of the established art printing houses in the UK and US. Inspirations include Hogwarts Castle, Isengard Tower from The Lord of The Rings, The TARDIS from Dr Who and Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant from Disneyland Paris. With many more designs on the way. We started Fan Art Architecture in 2020 after a fantastic reception to our first collection of artworks. Taking inspiration from the much loved fantasy franchises, we create unique artworks to a level of detail never before seen.

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