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About HAVAH Activewear Couture

HAVAH® is an all-inclusive purpose-driven lifestyle fashion brand. Positive social and environmental impacts are woven into the fabric of HAVAH. We handcraft the world’s finest activewear redefining comfort, performance, and style. The fabrics for our products are carefully sourced, and each product is designed, and ethically handmade in Europe and North America. Every product is a unique masterpiece designed by Master Designers and handmade by our expert craftsmen. Our expertly crafted masterpieces are made exclusively for you and are worth the wait. HAVAH® activewear provides second-skin comfort that moves & stretches with you. They're great for style, sports and everyday. As a pioneer in modern eco luxurious activewear, our approach to fashion is different and unique. We focus on creating sustainable masterpieces that are ethical, eco-friendly, vegan, climate positive and circular. As a social business, we believe in saving our planet while creating social good. Designed by Master Designers and exclusively handmade by Expert Craftsmen, every masterpiece does good for the planet and people. Planting trees in Madagascar and Myanmar as well as providing clean drinking water in Cambodia are a few of the good causes we contribute to.

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