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About Healthspan

Earn money for charity as you shop online for vitamins and supplements with Healthspan

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be hard work with the right vitamins and supplements. And you’ll find those supplements at Healthspan, the UK’s number one direct supplier of nutritional supplements. Browse a huge array of top-quality, innovative vitamins, minerals and supplements from Healthspan, an online seller trusted by sporting organisations around the world. Order for free delivery, with automatic reordering available to make sure you never run out. Just make sure you sign up with easyfundraising before you shop with Healthspan to ensure some of what you spend will be given to charity.

How does raising money with easyfundraising work?

When you shop online with easyfundraising, you’ll earn money for charity without it costing you a penny. It works like this:

  1. Sign up with us to create your easyfundraising account, then pick which charity you want to donate to.
  2. Shop online with our partner brands, like Healthspan, visiting them from our site or app.
  3. A specified part of what you spend with Healthspan will be donated to your chosen charity on your behalf.

Buy high-quality, innovative vitamins and supplements online with Healthspan

Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can take a toll on your health. But with quality supplements, you can rectify your shortfalls without expensive changes to your diet. And with the right vitamins and nutrients, you can boost your health and improve your wellbeing.

As the UK’s leading direct seller of vitamins and supplements, you’ll find everything you need at Healthspan. You can browse by supplement type, including multivitamins, vitamin D, omega 3, magnesium, herbal medicines and more. Or you can browse by body area or condition, with supplements for joint health, skin and hair, mind and mood, digestion and energy, amongst others.

Not all supplements are created equal. Some supplements you can buy aren’t made to the quality you’d hope they are, and they don’t always contain the amount of vitamins and nutrients they claim to. But with Healthspan UK, you can have confidence in what you’re buying. They’ve been in the business for over 25 years and are a trusted supplier to a range of international sporting organisations. Their products are also backed by science and incorporate the latest innovations.

You can find the supplements you need easily online, with expert advice available. You’ll pay competitive prices and have confidence in what you’re buying. You can also have your supplements delivered to you with fast and free delivery. Automatic reordering is also available, so you never run out of the vitamins and nutrients you need.

Why join easyfundraising?

Shop online with us because:

  • We give you an easy, hassle-free way to raise money for charity that won’t cost you any more than what you’re already spending.
  • With over 7,500 online retailers partnering with us, you can earn money for charity as you shop whether you’re looking for some supplements, a new car or the latest fashion.
  • You can pick from 190,000 charitable causes to donate to. You can choose international charities, local community projects, conservation initiatives, cancer care, school sports teams and clubs, plus many more. Take a look and we know you’ll find causes that mean something to you.

Frequently asked questions

Will shopping online with easyfundraising cost me anything?

Easyfundraising is free to use, both for you and the charities we donate to. There are no membership fees or hidden charges. You won’t pay higher prices when you shop online with any of our partner retailers. What you donate will be taken out of whatever you spend with the retailer, with no extra fee on top.

How much money will I earn for charity by shopping with Healthspan?

You can see every donation we have available with Healthspan on this page, including exactly how much of what you spend will be donated on your behalf. This will either be a flat fee or a percentage of your total spend.

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