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About KatKin

Buy fresh, quality, 100% meat cat food from KatKin and make a donation to charity at the same time

Ever seen a cat wolf down fresh meat with a level of excitement regular cat food can’t touch? That’s because cats evolved to eat fresh meat, yet too many cat foods are filled with grains, fillers and preservatives that your cat really shouldn’t be eating. And cat foods with the wrong ingredients can take a toll on your cat’s health.

Keep your cat in tip-top condition with KatKin cat food, made from 100% quality meat, without any grains or fillers, gently cooked, then frozen to keep it fresh. Enjoy a happier and healthier cat, louder purrs, glossier coats and faster zoomies.

Order KatKin fresh cat food with a personalised feeding plan for your cat, with free home delivery. Even better, shop KatKin with easyfundraising and they’ll donate a part of what you spend with them to charity.

How does shopping with easyfundraising work?

Shop with more than 7,500 partner brands online, and they’ll donate a part of what you spend with them to charity. easyfundraising works like this:

  1. Sign up with easyfundraising and pick which charity you want to support.
  2. Shop online with our partner brands, like KatKin, just as you normally would, after visiting them from our site or app.
  3. Our partner brands will donate some of what you spend with them to your chosen charity.

Give your cat the fresh, nutritious food they deserve with KatKin

One of the best ways to keep your cat healthy and happy is to feed them the right food. But, contrary to expectations, most cat food sold in supermarkets isn’t all that great for your feline family member.

Cats evolved to eat a diet of almost entirely fresh meat. Yet many commercial cat foods contain little meat, often of poor quality, and are packed with grains, fillers and preservatives to bulk them out and boost their shelf life. But these ingredients can be difficult for cats to digest and don’t meet their nutritional needs. With KatKin cat food, you can put your cat’s health first.

KatKin cat food is made entirely from fresh meats, and from human-quality meat too. The food is gently cooked to retain its nutrition, and then frozen to keep it fresh. KatKin recipes are designed by a Board-Certified Vet Nutritionist® to be balanced and complete for cats, to perfectly meet your cat’s daily nutritional needs.

93% of cat owners feeding their cats with KatKin cat food see their cat’s health visibly improving. KatKin cat food can help your cat retain a healthy weight, a glossy coat, have more energy and zest for life, and can improve digestion, leading to less stinky litter boxes too.

KatKin cat food is delivered to your door by a trackable courier, for free, at regular intervals. To begin, you’ll just need to answer some simple questions about your cat, so KatKin can give you a personalised feeding plan. Sign up with easyfundraising before you make your order, and as well as taking care of your cat’s health and wellbeing, you can raise money for charity at the same time.

Why join easyfundraising?

At easyfundraising we help you donate to charity when you shop online. You won’t spend a penny extra than what you’re already spending, and you can pick from more than 7,500 online retailers. You can give to charity when you shop for used cars or holidays and for fresh, high-quality cat food.

Crucially, you can also donate to charities that are important to you. With more than 190,000 good causes and charities to pick between – from international charities, local community projects and cancer care to conservation, community sports teams and local schools – we’re sure you’ll find one you want to donate to.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with easyfundraising?

Just register with us to create your easyfundraising account, then pick which good cause you want to donate to. Visit one of our partner retailers from our site or app, so they automatically know you’ve come from us. A portion of what you spend will then be donated to your chosen cause. You won’t have to do anything other than shop. We’ll handle the donations for you.

Can I donate to more than one charity?

You can only donate to one charity at a time. However, you can change which cause you donate to as often as you’d like. The first time you shop with KatKin, you can give to one cause and the next time you treat your cat to some food from KatKin, you can switch your chosen charity.

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