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About La Roche Posay

Welcome to La Roche Posay, probably the world’s leading skincare brand for sensitive skin.Our products are recommended by dermatologists worldwide and for good reason. They are all made with natural soothing, anti-oxidant rich thermal spring water and enhanced with patented active ingredients. The formulations are rigorously tested, hypoallergenic and contain no parabens, so they are excellent for all types of skin sensitivity, including intolerant and allergic skin.La Roche Posay also has an iconic French pharmaceutical lineage. Products are still manufactured at the eponymous French hospital town that is the source of the soothing thermal spring water that forms the basis of our products.So it’s no surprise that we are a multi-award winning brand and the first skincare brand to have the Allergy UK seal of approval with 9/10 dermatologists recommending our products for sensitive skin.

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