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About Loanpad

Loanpad provides a P2P lending platform built for lower-risk, secured property loans authorised and regulated by the FCA. It offers a daily access account and a 60-day account that are simple and flexible to operate, and with daily interest that beats inflation. Both are also available as an ISA for tax-free returns.

Loanpad’s innovative structure effectively shields its investors from much of the risk of peer-to-peer lending by partnering with established property lenders who take on both higher risk and return. It charges no upfront fees to customers, instead taking a portion of interest earned from borrowers. In other words, Loanpad earns when its investors earn.

Targeting investors looking to diversify an investment portfolio, Loanpad focuses on making lower-risk, secured lending accessible to smaller investors. Every aspect of the Loanpad model is laser-focused on protecting its investors’ money as much as possible. Loanpad only accepts carefully vetted lower-risk and secured property loans, originated by experienced lending partners; investments are diversified across the entire portfolio of loans which helps reduce the impact of any one borrower defaulting; interest is paid daily and access to money is free every day with their Classic account.

Investors can choose from two different accounts: The Classic account gives investors daily access to their money for free, and the Premium account offers a higher interest rate with a 60-day notice period for free withdrawals. The minimum investment for either account is £10 with a maximum balance of £20,000 in the Classic account and £250,000 in the Premium account. The interest rates on the Classic and Premium accounts are variable and will be updated on the platform in real time.

Loanpad also offers a flexible innovative finance ISA, a new type of ISA which allows investors using P2P lending platforms to receive tax-free interest. The Classic and Premium accounts are both ISA eligible; investors can put in up to £20,000 per year and/or transfer funds from an existing ISA.

*Subject to liquidity. Terms apply. Capital at risk.

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