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About Lotto Social

Sign up with Lotto Social and raise money for a charity of your choice

Lotto Social gives you a simple, convenient way to join pre-existing lottery syndicates for a host of lotteries, including the UK Lotto, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Thunderball and Powerball. Play easily online, boost your chances of winning and benefit from other bonuses like prize draws and instant win games.

Lotto Social provides you with an exciting new way to play lotteries online. Join Lotto Social after registering with easyfundraising, and not only will you improve your odds of winning by joining lottery syndicates, but you’ll also raise money for a charity of your choice.

How can I raise money for charity with easyfundraising?

Create an account with us and you can raise money for charity with your regular online shopping. It works like this:

  1. Sign up with us (it’s fast and free) and then pick a charity to donate to.
  2. Visit our partner brands online, like Lotto Social, and shop with them just as you usually would.
  3. Lotto Social will then donate a part of what you spend with them to your chosen charity on your behalf.

Join Lotto Social, a ready-made online lottery syndicate

A popular way to play lotteries, like the Lotto and EuroMillions, is to join a lottery syndicate where members buy lottery tickets together and share in the winnings. Syndicates improve your chances of winning, but they can be time-consuming to organise and run, and members don’t always contribute reliably. But that isn’t the case with Lotto Social.

Lotto Social takes the hassle out of creating and managing lottery syndicates. Sign up to Lotto Social and you can join pre-existing syndicates for lotteries like the UK Lotto, EuroMillions and Mega Millions. All you need to do is sign up, pick which lottery you want to play, choose a syndicate, then decide how many lines you want to bet on. All winnings from successful tickets will be paid out and shared within the ready-made syndicate.

With Lotto Social, you won’t need to buy physical tickets, all tickets are bought on your behalf. You’ll get text alerts whenever you win, and you can easily check your winnings online in your account. As well as giving you an easy way to play lotteries in an online lottery syndicate, Lotto Social offers you a range of other bonuses, like reward points and prize draws for prizes including spa days and trips abroad.

If you join Lotto Social after signing up with easyfundraising, a part of what you spend will be donated to charity.

Why join easyfundraising?

easyfundraising is an easy and simple way to give money to charity. It doesn’t cost you anything extra than what you would already be spending online. You can pick from 190,000 causes, whether global charities or local community projects.

When it comes to shopping with our partner retailers, you’ll find there are more than 7,500 to choose from. You can buy groceries, holidays, used cars or even sign up to lottery syndicates all the while giving money to good causes. And you can start today, simply by creating an account with us.

Frequently asked questions

Will I pay more if I shop with easyfundraising?

No, you won’t. Using easyfundraising won’t cost you a penny extra. You’ll pay the same prices with our partner brands, and there are no membership fees or hidden charges. The donations will be taken out of what you’re already spending and will be paid by our partner retailers, not by you.

How do I know if an online retailer partners with easyfundraising?

Over 7,500 online retailers partner with us, so how do you know who does and who doesn’t? The easiest way to know if a site you’re visiting has donations available with easyfundraising is to download our Donation Reminder browser extension. It will pop up whenever you visit a site that partners with us to let you know you’ve got an opportunity to donate money to charity.

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