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About Mono Pillow

Mono Pillow is a small side sleeper pillow with an ear hole. It is built on real life sleep issues and has been born after several months of testing, receiving a warm welcome from our first users. Mono Pillow is strategically positioned to become a dominant player in the market of ear pillows. We offer a problem solving product at a sensible price point backed by a strong brand presence and support. Our target market are not only ear-pain sufferers but also piercing enthusiasts and the increasing number of people using earphones to listen to podcasts/audiobooks and music at bedtime, and of course the much broader segment of side sleepers. In addition the Mono Pillow has been designed from the ground up to be a premium and giftable product. Our customers not only enjoy better sleep using a high quality product but also benefit from free next day delivery and returns of unopened products are accepted within 28 days of delivery.

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