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• We are the first business to market shampoo & conditioner bars being sold as a set. • Other businesses cannot compete with this as a good conditioner bar is incredibly difficult to make • Coming from a background of suffering trichotillomania (hair pulling) for 18 years, mental health and overall personal positivity is deeply imbedded into the brand creating a compelling story. Plastic pollution and the ingredients we use in our products has never been more scrutinised and we know that our current consumption behaviour is unstainable … - Every year in the UK, 520 million shampoo and conditioner bottles are thrown away which is approx. 10 bottles per person - Society has access to information quicker than ever before and we have seen recipe revolution food industry and now the beauty industry, as people start to understand what their products are made of The solution and our mission is to make shampoo and conditioner bars the new normal and take them mainstream, saving millions of plastic bottles and gallons of water from being unnecessarily wasted in production. Our bars are the real deal now it's just the case of getting the message out there. We are one of the UK's fastest growing shampoo & conditioner bar brands

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