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About Nord VPN

Raise money for a charity of your choice when you protect yourself online with Nord VPN

Staying safe online couldn’t be simpler with a Nord VPN virtual private network. Simply install and open the Nord VPN software, and you can head online safely in full anonymity. You’ll have protection from trackers, malware and identify theft, as well as access to content from around the world.

A Nord VPN connection is easy to use, but effective, and great value for money - it’s a small price to pay for online safety. Just make sure you sign up with easyfundraising before you buy your Nord VPN subscription, and your chosen charity will receive a donation.

How can I earn money for charity with easyfundraising?

We help you turn your everyday online shopping into something special. With easyfundraising you can raise money for charity as you shop online. It works like this:

  1. Sign up with us (it takes minutes) and pick a charity to support.
  2. Head to Nord VPN from our website or app. You’ll see the links to click on this page.
  3. When you sign up to Nord VPN, they’ll make a donation on your behalf from the money you spend.

Choose Nord VPN, your best choice for a fast and secure VPN service

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Protecting yourself online can keep you safe from viruses and malware, from invasive ad trackers, and from malicious parties who want to harvest your personal data. Digital security is even more crucial if you also work from home, as you don’t want to expose your work’s network to attack. Online security can also reduce how much reputable sites track you too, which can become intrusive. And it can help you minimise how much of yourself you give away online.

But setting up effective cybersecurity is complicated, right? Not with Nord VPN.

Nord VPN offers simple and powerful online security and online anonymity with its virtual private network (VPN) service. Simply sign up, download the Nord VPN software, and you’re ready to go. Open your VPN connection before you head online and you’ll enjoy private and secure online browsing. You can choose where you want your location to be listed as, to have access to sites and content from around the world.

A Nord VPN connection also detects malware, blocks trackers and blocks ads for full peace of mind. Nord VPN is perfect for fast, smooth and safe online browsing. You can protect all your devices with one Nord VPN subscription too. On top of all of that, if you sign up with easyfundraising before you subscribe to Nord VPN, they’ll donate some of the subscription fee to charity.

Why register with easyfundraising?

Sign up with easyfundraising because:

  • When you donate to charity through easyfundraising, the only cost you pay is what you spend with the retailer. The donation is free!
  • Our supporters have raised more than £45 million for charity since 2005. Now you can do your bit too.
  • With more than 190,000 charities and good causes to choose from, you can help make a difference to a cause that’s close to your heart.
  • You’ll find more than 7,500 online retailers to shop with, whether you’re in the market for a new kitchen, a dream holiday or a new car.

Frequently asked questions

Will I pay more if I shop online with easyfundraising?

No, you won’t pay more if you shop online with easyfundraising. When you purchase something online with one of our retailers, you pay exactly the same amount as you would if you didn’t use easyfundraising. The benefit of using us is that your charity gets a donation from the retailer out of the money you spend.

Can I download an easyfundraising app?

You can download our easyfundraising app to your iOS or Android phone or tablet. It’s available from the Apple and Google Play stores.

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