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About Rosetta Stone

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to speak another language? Rosetta Stone can make that dream a reality, with a simple but effective online language-learning programme. Through a unique approach that focuses on the sound of the language rather than the traditional rules, beginners progress quickly through the levels, to associate words with sounds and images directly, avoiding the painstaking process of having to translate every word back to the native language.

This means you’ll be speaking correctly right from the start, with instant feedback from a clever pronunciation tool that ensures you get it right first time. Rosetta Stone offers one of the most accessible and pain-free language learning tools available. Through convenient, immersive daily routines you’ll quickly build vocabulary in your new language, learning on the go in short bursts to become a confident speaker in no time.

When you sign up to learn a new language, you’ll get more than 200 hours of high quality, interactive content, as well as online sessions with tutors who are native speakers. Plus, you can learn any time, with apps on all platforms. What are you waiting for? Get started today by clicking on one of the easyfundraising links below. And remember, every time you make a purchase using an easyfundraising link, you’ll get a free donation for your registered cause. 

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