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About Secret Whispers

Our multi award winning Pelvic Floor Kegel Weights Kit is so simple to use and so effective. We call them 'The Dumbbell For Your Pelvic Floor'. We have been featured in many National papers and magazines and even mentioned on the Chris Evans Radio show where the news presenter said live on air how she was had her first dry run and was using Secret Whispers! Our founder Julie, designed Secret Whispers pelvic floor weights after she could not find anything suitable and when she launched the response was fantastic. She loves talking about pelvic floors and why Kegels are so important. Weak pelvic floor issues and bladder leaks are a massive issue for women and unfortunately due to the associated stigma so many women suffer in silence. But, here at Secret Whispers, we say the only shame is the lack of education that women receive. Our pelvic floor weights are inserted just like a tampon. When inserted the correct pelvic floor muscles engage to hold them in. This is why they are so effective. Over 50% of women cannot do their Kegels/pelvic floor exercises correctly. Our weights teach you and they exercise your pelvic floor muscles. Just 15 minutes a day for results. Pelvic floor physios recommend them, midwives, gynaecologists, doctors and of course every women who uses them tells her friends. Come and join us today and spread the word that there is a solution to bladder leaks. They are also designed to last for life!

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