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About Uswitch Sim Only Contracts

Donate to a charity of your choice when you find a fantastic deal on a SIM-only contract with Uswitch

Opting for a SIM-only deal gives you the freedom to select the network, allowances and contract length that best suits you, and can save you hundreds of pounds a year. As a leading and trusted price comparison site, you can rely on Uswitch to clearly show you the best deals on SIM-only plans, and to make it easy to find the right contract for you.

You can find the perfect SIM-only contract with Uswitch SIM only. If you sign up with easyfundraising before you do, Uswitch will donate to charity on your behalf.

How to raise money for charity with easyfundraising

It works like this:

  • Register with easyfundraising and choose a charitable cause to support from the 190,000+ we work with.
  • Shop online with one of our 7,500+ partner brands, after visiting them from our site or app.
  • The retailer you shop with will donate some of what you spend with them to the charity you picked, at no extra cost to you.

Easily compare SIM-only deals at Uswitch SIM-only to find the best contract for you

If you already have a phone, or you’d rather buy one up front to avoid a long contract, opting for a SIM-only contract can save you plenty of money. You’ll be free to pick the provider and the monthly deal you want, potentially saving you up to £335 per year (as estimated by Uswitch savings).

With so many SIM-only contracts to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the best option for you. But that’s where Uswitch can help. Head over to Uswitch SIM only to compare the best deals on SIM-only plans. From there, you can compare SIM-only contacts easily, with all the essential information clearly displayed. This includes the contract length, calls and data allowances, the monthly price, and any other potential bonuses, whether EU roaming or free deals on streaming services.

To make finding the right SIM-only contract for you even easier, Uswitch lets you search in a range of ways. You can search by network, monthly cost, data allowance, monthly minutes, contract length, and more. That way you can pick a deal based on what’s most important for you.

Uswitch is one of the UK’s longest running and most trusted comparison websites. You can rely on Uswitch to show you impartial data from a wide range of network providers, both large and small. You’ll even benefit from Uswitch exclusive contract deals that you won’t find anywhere else. Just make sure you pick up your SIM-only contract with Uswitch via easyfundraising, and part of the commission Uswitch makes will be donated to charity.

Why shop online with easyfundraising?

Join easyfundraising because you can:

  • Raise money for charity with your everyday online shopping without it costing you anything extra on top of your spend.
  • Be confident you’re making a difference. We’ve already raised over £45 million for charity since we started in 2005. We’ve also built a community of more than 2.4 million supporters who help us donate to charity every day.
  • Support a cause that’s important to you. You can choose from 190,000 charitable causes to donate to, whether you want to support research into cancer, animal welfare or disaster relief.
  • Earn money for charity with nearly all your online shopping. We already work with more than 7,500 online retailers and brands. If you download our Donation Reminder browser extension, it’ll pop up each time you land on the site of a retailer that’s partnered with us.

Frequently asked questions

How much money will I raise for charity by purchasing a SIM-only contract through Uswitch?

If you start your shopping trip with easyfundraising, Uswitch will make a payment to your chosen charity if you end up taking a SIM-only contract with them. You can see the details of that payment right here on this page in the Available Donations section.

Can I donate to more than one cause at a time?

You can only donate money to one charitable cause at a time. However, with so many worthy causes to support, we can understand why you’d want to donate to more than one. That’s why we let you change which charity you donate to as often as you want. When you sign up for a SIM-only contract with Uswitch you can support one charity, then when you shop with any of our other online retailers you can choose a different cause to support.

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