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Take advantage of the tremendous deals on offer at Wowcher UK and give a little back to a good cause with easyfundraising

Wowcher UK buys in bulk so they can offer you substantial discounts on loads of products, services, and experiences. You’ll find clothing, electronics, restaurant meals, hotel stays, spa trips, concert tickets and more. Keep your eye out for bargains you won’t find anywhere else other than Wowcher UK. And when you buy with Wowcher through easyfundraising, Wowcher will donate a part of what you spend with them to charity.

How does shopping with easyfundraising work?

Shopping with easyfundraising works like this:

  1. Sign up with us and pick a charitable cause to donate to. We have more than 190,000 to choose from online, so you’re bound to find your favourite.
  2. Pick up a bargain on Wowcher. Just make sure you start your journey on our website or app so they know you’ve come from us.
  3. When you spend with Wowcher, they will make a donation on your behalf out of the money you spent. The charity you picked gets a cash donation, but it doesn’t cost you any extra.

Find fantastic daily deals on trips, homeware, garden products and electronics at Wowcher UK

Whether you’re looking for a bargain on theatre tickets, a last minute trip away, the latest tech, or toys for the kids, Wowcher has a deal for you. You’ll find huge discounts, of up to 80%, on a wide array of products, services, and trips and outings.

Wowcher is a company that unlocks the potential of bulk buying. Wowcher purchases products in large amounts to secure them at the low, low prices they offer to you. You’ll find unbeatable deals on homeware and garden products, and on fashion and gadgets.

And Wowcher doesn't just buy goods in bulk, they buy services and experiences too, to offer them to you at deep discounts. We’re talking bargains on restaurant meals, concert tickets, events, tours, theme park tickets, lessons, spa trips, massages, salon treatments, and so much more. Why not treat yourself to something you’ve never done before?

As well as their fantastic discounts, Wowcher UK offers quality assured. They only sell deals they value, on quality products and experiences offered by reputable companies. You can place an order with Wowcher in full peace of mind. Just make sure you sign up with easyfundraising before you do, to ensure Wowcher makes a donation to charity on your behalf.

Why join up with easyfundraising?

Register with easyfundraising as you can:

  • Earn money for charity as you shop: We give you a hassle-free way to donate to charity. All you need to do is shop online with us.
  • Be confident you’re a part of something and that you’re making a difference: We’ve built a community of more than 2.4 million shoppers since 2005. Our community has already raised over £45 million for charity.
  • Support a cause you believe in: We donate to over 190,000 charitable causes. You can support your local school, sports team or community groups. Or you can give to charities that operate on a national or international level.
  • Raise money for charity with the majority of your online shopping: We partner with more than 7,500 online retailers, including the biggest names in online retailing. You can shop with the likes of Wowcher, Amazon, Argos, eBay, and John Lewis. That means you’ll be able to earn money for charity with almost everything you can buy online.

Frequently asked questions

How will I know how much money I’ve raised for charity?

You’ll be able to see all of the donations you’ve earned for charity in your easyfundraising account. You can log into your account using our app or through the easyfundraising website.

How do I shop online with easyfundraising?

Start by registering with us to create your free easyfundraising account, then pick a charitable cause to support. Shop with our partner brands by beginning on our site or app and clicking on the donation links. You’ll see the donation links on this page for Wowcher UK. Then shop, just as you normally would. Wowcher will take care of the donation with us.

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