Making Christmas a little better – Birmingham Christmas Shelter

I’m not keen on the cold weather. I can’t bear being cold and this past week I’ve wrapped myself around any available radiator, doubled up on the socks and moaned to whoever would listen about feeling chilly.  But on Saturday I went along to an event that made me realise just how lucky I am.

easyfundraisers do it again!

easyfundraisers have done it again! We’ve just added up the donations raised by our members between July and September this year and it comes to an impressive £187,854.63 so well done everyone and thanks for making a difference. We asked our Facebook community how much they have raised and what they’ll be spending their donations on this Read More …

A tale of two kittens (and their mum)

I had cause to celebrate the patter of tiny feet recently. Or should I say paws. Yes, I’ve become the proud owner of three (you heard right, three) new cats – two kittens and their mum, courtesy of the good people at Cats Protection.