Cause of the Fortnight – Plan International UK

Our latest Cause of the Fortnight, where we showcase one of our causes for two weeks and highlight the impactful work they do, is Plan International UK.

Girls with soap and new supplies from Plan International – credit Plan International UK

Who are Plan International UK?

At a time when most of the world is in stormy midst of hunger crises and lack of human rights, Plan International UK are a children’s charity with a global outreach, working to improve education, health care, ensuring access to clean water and future opportunities for girls and boys in some of the world’s poorest communities. 

For over 80 years, Plan International UK have been working in 75 countries, including the UK, supporting the needs of 50 million girls and boys. Their priorities are simple yet vital – to make sure every child has access to a life free of violence, and a life with free education. 

What do Plan International UK do?

Although the organisation focuses on improving quality of life for all children across the globe, there is a sharp focus on improving the opportunities for girls. 

Across the world, the chasms in gender equality are undoubtedly hitting young women the hardest. Plan International UK work with young people to ensure the safety of young girls, and campaign to provide education and opportunities that is essential to their success. Through working with young people, they are extinguishing gender stereotypes and challenging gender injustice from the roots up. From their ongoing fight against harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation, to their advocacy of equal educational rights for girls, Plan International UK are enabling young people everywhere to build a better future for all. 

However, providing a voice to young women is not the sole purpose of the organisation. Around the world, Plan International UK works with communities to ensure protection from violence and access to free education for all. 

How do the donations help?

Just because I am poor, it does not mean that my body is for sale… it does not mean that I must give up my right to an education, and the right to decide my own future.’ Melody, from Tanzania, uses her love of drama in one of our youth groups to break the silence around sex and reproductive rights. 

Melody knows how girls can be exploited and abused. That’s why, with Plan International UKs’ support, she’s become a brave and powerful advocate for herself and for all girls in her community. By working with families and communities Plan International UK help to create an environment where voices like Melody’s and many more are actually listened to and then acted upon. 

With the support of donations, the charity can also provide a safe place to learn, employment opportunities, access to clean water and decent toilets and rapid relief during emergencies.  

How can you help?

By choosing Plan International UK as your chosen cause, you can support millions of girls and boys worldwide through brands donations whenever you shop online. At no extra cost to you. And, through downloading the donation reminder, you will never miss an opportunity to do your bit to help. 

If you’d like to nominate your cause to be our Cause of the Fortnight, please email your full name, cause name and contact details to