Embarrassing dad stories – the winning entries

Thanks to everyone who shared their embarrassing dad stories – we have laughed alot reading them! Here’s the winners and their stories of shame….

1st prize – Kelvin Haste who supports Cannington School P.T.A:

When we were younger my step dad used to take us and a few friends swimming if we had an inset day so we wouldn’t be in the way. One day at a packed indoor pool he called over to us to tell us it was time to go. He swam to the side, pulled himself out of the pool but his shorts stayed in the pool. He just walked into the changing rooms but we were all dying on the spot. We laugh about it now though……

Kelvin wins a Day at the Races for Two

2nd Prize – Karen Pearson who supports Banbury Town Youth Football Club:

When I was a teenager I was saving very hard to travel to Australia. On my birthday my Dad gave me some money towards my trip, in the form a really large cheque, you know the sort the banks give you as a promotional thing.
Well I never knew that then and Dad said that I had to take it to the bank and cash it.

Well when I handed over this very large cheque to the cashier she said, very sorry my darling but this isn’t a real cheque, this is just a promotional cheque its not real, whoever gave this to you needs to give you a cheque to cash. There I stood blushing bright red with embarrassment having to walk out of this bank with the large cheque rolled up under my arm. My Dad nearly wet himself from laughter, I died of embarrassment and persuaded my Dad that as it was such a dirty trick to play on me I should get extra money AND I DID!

Karen wins a Porsche Driving Experience

3rd Prize – Rachel Medhurst who supports RSPCA:

My Dad always does this when I ever go out with him. But the most embarrassing time was when I was a teenager. He used to pick me up sometimes when I used to go and hang out in town. One day he pulled up outside a shop. My friends had all waited with me and when I went to open the car door he put his foot on the accelerator and pulled off slightly, so I missed the handle. I tried again and again he did it. I just stood there looking at him through the glass….he gestured for me to get in. He did it again!! And I fell over!! All we could hear was him howling with laughter in the car and my friends joined in! Was soo embarrassing!

Rachel wins a Lifestyle voucher for two

4th prize – Claire Provan who supports Newmilns Primary School – Ayrshire:

My Dad decided to really embarrass me at my wedding by telling a story about my childhood. When I was little, maybe 2 or 3, I was given a packets of Smarties which obviously I wanted to eat. I was told no as it was too close to lunch time and I was to keep them for later. My mum put me down for a nap and I refused to let the sweeties go but promised I wouldn’t eat them. When I was woken from my nap the box was empty. I was given a row and was very, very upset. It was only later at bath time did my mum and dad realise why I had been so upset at getting a row. I hadn’t eaten the sweeties, I had put them in my pants for later. So there I was with a multi coloured, chocolate covered bum. Dad agreed not to use this in the wedding speech but takes great delight in telling everyone that he was going to. So really if he had then my embarrassment would have been over in 10 mins not 13 years!!!

Claire wins a Helicopter Experience for Two

5th prize – Julie Kenny says:

We have three children and its hard work sometimes. I hadn’t had a break in ages and my other half told me what a great Dad he was and how I needed a break and that he would look after the kids. The kids were really pleased that Dad was in charge so I left them in daddy “capable” hands. I returned a hour later with some friends …the smoke alarm was going off, the house was filled with smoke and the oven was on with something very black burning in it. I could here the shower going upstairs. Downstairs was empty – but the dining room table had a half eaten meal on it …and there in the middle on the table was a fork ….with a poo on it! I nearly died of embarrassment!

Apparently, they had all been eating their meal when the youngest had put a fork down his nappy and flicked poo at them all!!! I found all four of them in the shower together getting clean! He still thinks he’s a great Dad …and if I`m honest he is …I would love to win this prize for him – the kids would be made-up to give him something so special. Thanks for the chance to win.

Julie wins a Quad Biking Experience

Thanks to our friends at Viking for providing these great prizes.