Get your travel insurance as soon as you book, as Martin Lewis says

We’re in prime time holiday booking season. Now Christmas is out the way everyone is dreaming of slick city tours, relaxing beach breaks, and general all round sunnier days. Once you’ve booked your holiday, most of us sit back and count down the days until we’re up in the air, but as Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has recently said, ‘get travel insurance ASAB – as soon as you book’.

Why? You might ask, ‘why as soon as you book’ or ‘why even at all?’. As recent times have shown us, you never know what’s around the corner, whether it’s unexpected health concerns, breakups, loss, or anything else. Half the point of holiday insurance is to protect you from anything that stops you from going and enjoying some well-deserved R&R.

So, if you’ve just booked your holiday or are planning to soon, be sure to book your travel insurance too. Don’t forget shopping via the easyfundraising website or app transforms into money your favourite cause or charity could put to good use. Here’s a handy guide to the brands offering a bright and sunny donation.

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