LOVE WINS: Our causes share their stories…

The past few years have been incredibly hard for fundraising, however we are proud that easyfundraising has been able to be a constant support to so many causes, especially throughout the pandemic.

Despite the challenges and setbacks over the last few years, our incredible causes have proven that no matter the circumstances they will come together and continue to raise vital funds. Everyone who has raised a donation, promoted their cause on social media or simply entered a competition has made a difference. Our causes and supporters have showed that despite everything, love wins. Together, we’ve raised over £40 million so far and nearly £10 million in the last two years alone!

We reached out to some of our causes to hear how easyfundraising has helped them over the past few years…

easyfundraising allows friends who wouldn’t otherwise be able to support me without it costing them anything.”

Sarah Jackson, Professional Windsurfer has raised over £1,000

We joined easyfundraising in 2020 just as the Covid-19 pandemic struck, with funding at the lowest it has ever been for our charity. Thankfully our lovely supporters who joined easyfundraising have helped us bridge that gap. It’s like magic! They simply shop and we get money for the privilege, it couldn’t be simpler. Hopefully as the years progress more people will join in and the funds will be a wonderful extra income for our rescue, it’s surprising pennies really do make pounds!”

Stuart, Admin of LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Do it straight away! It is literally money for nothing, and every quarter it gives your club a cash boost!”

Leopards Netball Club has raised nearly £1,300

easyfundraising is by far the best way we have found to raise funds for our cause. It was very easy to set up and the fact that it costs our supporters nothing is brilliant, especially during the current times. We are encouraging all our supporters to use the Donation Reminder so we do not miss out on any available donations. Thank you for such an amazing site!

Pam, Admin of Friends Of Dunham Park Scout Camp

easyfundraising is a simple but efficient way to help boost vital funds we need to keep our CIC running.”

Woodcraft and Gardening CIC

We are all very excited to use easyfundraising to help us bring in more money to ensure the delivery of our service to those most in need.”

Dumfries and Galloway Advocacy Service

I really believe that easyfundraising is the best fundraising initiative ever! Your everyday online shopping becomes a free donation for your chosen charity. I volunteer for Richmond Good Neighbours, a charitable organisation providing essential support services to the elderly, the disabled and the housebound of Richmond, and simply through my online shopping activities, I have raised over £300 via easyfundraising. The initiative is supported by such a wide range of retailers that virtually everything you buy online is covered so it really does not take long for your donations to build up. What’s more it is so simple and so easy to use…everyone should be doing it!

Anne, Admin of Richmond Good Neighbours

easyfundraising has been great for us and so easy to use. Imagine being given free money for just shopping! Since joining we have raised over £2440! This has allowed us to subsidise many events as well as spend some on creating our beautiful new garden.”

1st and 3rd Kilmacolm Guide Unit

“For a small charity, it is very beneficial as we don’t have a big fundraising team to help us gather donations.”

Solo Housing East Anglia

​One of my Teaching Assistants introduced me to easyfundraising, and I was particularly keen on the idea because it’s a way of raising money without costing parents anything extra. Donations build up over time – 3 years in and we have raised over £1,800! All fundraising is going towards a £10,000 project to replace old, outdated and broken Interactive Whiteboards around the school.”

Fairhaven Primary School, Stourbridge

easyfundraising is a great way to raise funds for our organisation. It is so simple and like the name, so EASY to set up and do.”

Happy at Heart CIC

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support and raise vital funds for their cause over the last few years.

Remember the best way you can help support your cause, is to use easyfundraising every time you shop online. You can also encourage others to do this too by using your ready-made fundraising tools.

If you’re not already supporting a cause you can sign up here. You can raise FREE donations for your chosen cause when you shop online with over 6,000 retailers.