M&S, George at Asda, TU Clothing at Sainsbury’s and John Lewis offering free donations for charities when shopping for back-to-school essentials

Parents can claim free cash for their favourite charities when they buy their essentials,
such as uniform and stationery, thanks to a handy hack.

Experts at charity cashback website, easyfundraising, say that now the countdown to the
start of the new school year has started, that there is a way to buy their essentials, such as
backpacks, school uniforms and stationery and raise money for their favourite good cause –
at no cost to you.

If they do it through the easyfundraising platform, they can claim cash for their favourite
charities without it costing them a penny extra on whatever they’re purchasing. There are
thousands grassroots and small causes signed up that you could donate to, including your
own PTA group or after school club.

On average last year those using easyfundraising raised £185,000 in donations for good
causes when they shopped their Back-to-School essentials through the platform.
You can even benefit your children’s school with supporting any clubs or PTA groups that are
signed up to the site as there are hundreds of them listed on the easyfundraising website.
It’s easy to add them if they aren’t there already.

With up to 4% donations on clothing with Tu and 5% donations from George as well, you can
give cost-free to charities close to you when buying your school uniform and lunch boxes –
wherever you choose to buy from.

With over 7,500 retailers that can be bought from online through easyfundraising’s website,
here are the one’s stocking all the back-to-school essentials:

  • M&S are giving up to 3% donations when you shop for uniform online, with a £5
    bonus donation too until 20th August
  • Up to 4% donations on clothing with Tu at Sainsbury’s
  • Up to 5% donations from George at Asda
  • John Lewis are currently doubling their donations, with up to 2% given to the charity
    or cause of your choosing when you buy school essentials, including free click and
    collect for over £30 spent

easyfundraising are the UK’s leading giving platform which has helped over 60,000 good
causes so far in 2023, raising a staggering £2,580,656 for them in the first six months of this

There are over 190,000 charities and good causes to choose from on the platform, including
many grassroots charities.

The average shopper’s back to school shopping done via easyfundraising spends over £80
across M&S, Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, George at Asda and Very. That means
that for all shopping done online ready for the new school year through easyfundraising,
over £3 could be donated to your favourite charity.

While this may seem small in isolation, if everybody buying uniform was to shop through
easyfundraising it would amount to huge sums for charity.

James Moir, the CEO of easyfundraising, says: “Despite the cost-of-living crisis you can still
support your favourite charities and causes in a cost-free way when doing your back-to-
school shopping through easyfundraising.

“We work with over 7,500 brands and retailers, with major donations going to over 190,000
charities. Every donation is valued by the charities and causes signed up to our platform,
and you can make a real difference through your Back-to-School shopping.”
For more information on how you can donate cost-free through your Back-to-School
shopping, see easyfundraising’s website here.