Huge donations to cat charities by generous Brits undeterred by cost-of-living crisis

Britain has sealed itself as a nation of cat lovers, donating huge amounts to feline
charities even in a cost-of-living crisis.

Expert James Moir, from the easyfundraising charity shopping platform, says the site
has seen a huge amount given to good causes.

These include Cat Protection, which has seen almost £160,000 donated to it in total,
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, which has seen more than £6,000 donated to it in
total, and Feline Care Cat Rescue and Homing Centre, which has seen more than
£4,000 donated to it in total.

easyfundraising believes while Brits have been tightening their belts, they have
managed to find a way to help our furry friends.

According to the World Animal Foundation, around 8.2 million people in the UK own
a cat – surpassed only by those who own a dog.

James believes the country’s fondness for felines has helped contribute to the
fundraising efforts of local and national cats charities.

He says: “Spreading the word about easyfundraising has helped local and national
cat charities raise thousands of pounds to help our furry felines.

“We love cats. Anyone with a cat knows how much they mean to them. And we, at
easyfundraising, want to help all those with one.

“By buying goods and services through the easyfundraising platform you can help
your favourite feline good cause – and the great thing is, it won’t add a single penny
extra to your bill.”

And it’s not just the bigger cat charities which you can help, as smaller, local and
grassroots charities can also get money.

Helping Dogs and Cats UK, based in Hampshire, the Oldham Cats Rescue, based in
Greater Manchester and the Angus Cat Rescue, based in Scotland, are some of the
smaller, grassroots charities which can receive money if you use the easyfundraising

In easyfundraising’s recent report on Grassroots and Small Charities, their findings
revealed more than three fifths of charities said the cost-of-living crisis has had a
severe or moderate impact on their fundraising income.

James adds: “You can help your local cat charities by using the easyfundraising
platform to shop for your good and services. This includes your everyday items such
as a supermarket shop or those from a clothing store, or elsewhere. There are
thousands of brands on our website so just take a look.”

You can find out more about easyfundraising and how you can donate to charities for
free by visiting: