Outdoor Essentials

We’ve missed catching up with friends and family and want to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible whether you’re meeting up for an outdoor picnic, catching up at your local beer garden, or preparing for a garden BBQ. So we’ve put together a list of essentials to carry with you to stay safe while enjoying the company of others.


  1. Facemasks
    If you’re going into a shop, public transport or public building, a face mask should be worn for the protection of others around you.
    Reusable cloth masks can be purchased from shops such as Superdrug (0.5% donation), you could also add your own style with ones from Etsy (1% donation) or EMP (2.25% donation).
  2. Hand Sanitiser
    Everybody’s new must-have in their bags and pockets.
    Find your perfect scent from The Body Shop (Up to 4% donation) and add a hand cream to stop your hands from getting too chapped.
  3. Weather proof clothing
    The last few weeks have shown that the UK weather is not predictable. You could be sat basking in the sun one day and shivering in the rain the next. So be sure to dress appropriately, whether using these sunglasses from The Sunglasses Shop (1.5% donation) or a warm scarf from M&S (Up to 2% donation).
  4. Waterbottles
    We all forget to stay hydrated, so it’s best to carry your own water bottle around with you as a constant reminder to drink up. Shop Sports Direct (Up to 4% donation) for a selection of colours and styles.
  5. Allergy relief
    Spring is here and the pollen can be high. If you’re going to be outside, keep yourself comfortable with allergy relief from Boots (up to 3% donation).

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