Pyjama Fairies | This means more specialist gowns for children in hospital

Images by Pyjama Fairies

Pyjama Fairies is the only UK charity to make pyjamas and surgical gowns specially made for babies and children aged up to 16 years old having surgery and any other associated medical test. Each garment is made in colourful and age-appropriate fabric and are designed to minimise discomfort when medical intervention is necessary. These garments help to alleviate the stress of being in hospital and allow poorly children to retain a sense of their own identity. 

Our gowns let children be children and not just patients.”

Pyjama Fairies was officially founded in 2015, following the arrival of founder and trustee Amanda’s third child in May 2014. At 2 days old Neveah was rushed to hospital where it was discovered she was in heart failure. Amanda decided to create some comfortable specially designed pyjamas for her to wear. These special pyjamas meant she could stay dressed, warm, safe and virtually pain free while the medical team looked after her.

The charity is run entirely by volunteers who sew all the garments according to strict guidelines in order to guarantee quality and safety. All garments are 100% cotton and have been designed in conjunction with healthcare professionals. Through the Fairies’ hard work and nimble fingers they donate over 4,000 garments free of charge each year directly to hospital wards throughout the UK. This ensures that children can get access to pyjamas and gowns in emergency situations.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Pyjama Fairies were not allowed to send out garments, which hit the charity hard, but the safety of both their volunteers and the children who wear them was their main concern. Since reopening for orders the Fairies has bounced back and are bigger and better than before!

The charity cannot continue to meet the needs of the children without raising additional funding. The average cost of materials for a pair of wrap pyjamas is £10.00. By supporting Pyjama Fairies, you can help these children and their families find comfort as they undergo short or long hospital stays and difficult treatments, helping kids feel settled in unsettling situations.

Supporters of Pyjama Fairies have already raised over £1,423 through easyfundraising and together we can make this year mean more. Shopping through easyfundraising is more than just a purchase, it means improving hospital stays for even more children.