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Station House Opera, Dominoes. Photo by Simo Karisalo. Produced by Artsadmin

is an organisation that was set up to enable artists to create art without boundaries. The work their artists produce – from installation to performance art – is then shared with local, national and international audiences in spaces ranging from small local galleries to big international festivals. The team at Artsadmin believe that art is for everyone and they are committed to offering inclusivity and accessibility to all.


Rosemary Lee & Simon Whitehead, Calling Tree. Photo by Oliver Rudkin. Produced by Artsadmin

They run a popular education programme and are ever mindful of the environment, as they believe that artists and arts organisations have an important role to play in exploring and taking practical action against issues around climate change. They work with artists and activists, supporting grassroots activity as well as commissioning and producing specific projects and they always strive to make the way they work as sustainable as possible. They also deliver free advice, training, and artist-led development opportunities for artists, nurturing both emerging and established talent.

Michael Pinsky, Plunge. Photo by Kristian Buus. Produced by Artsadmin and LIFT

Michael Pinsky, Plunge. Photo by Kristian Buus. Produced by Artsadmin and LIFT

In order to raise as much as possible to support the various strands of the organisation, Artsadmin has now teamed up with easyfundraising, and so far they’ve raised over £1,300 through online shopping with the site.

The donations raised have supported many areas of their work, and this year the majority of funds raised were put towards their Artists’ Bursary Scheme. This scheme has been running since 1996 and has supported over 200 artists working in contemporary performance practices. The scheme was established to support artistic experimentation rather than the finished article, meaning that it offers successful applicants the chance to explore processes and try out new ideas.


Tim Spooner, The Voice of Nature. Photo by Benoit Schupp. Produced by Artsadmin.

The Artsadmin Development Team encourages staff members and board members to sign up to easyfundraising on both their work and home computers. They also send emails about the amount raised every quarter and who is at the top of their easyfundraising leaderboard, adding an excellent competitive element!

Last Christmas they raised an impressive £328.33 with easyfundraising – simply by reminding staff members to activate easyfundraising for all of their online holiday shopping. Feedback has been great:

We have only had positive feedback from those using easyfundraising! Our employees think it is easy to use and enjoy hearing updates of the amounts we have raised.”


Larry Achiampong, Cloud. Photo by Ana Escoba. Produced by Artsadmin

Sign up with easyfundrasing today, and help Artsadmin to spread their important message: that art is for everyone.

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