Black Friday FAQ: Your key questions answered

black friday FAQ

Black Friday has massively grown in popularity over the past few years and is now the biggest single shopping event of the calendar year. If you’ve shopped the Black Friday sales before, you’ll know that things can get pretty chaotic as everyone rushes to grab the best bargains. So, to help you prepare, we’ve pulled together some answers to the most common Black Friday FAQs!

When Is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday 2019 officially falls on 29th November, but many retailers are starting their sales earlier and extending them far beyond one day. You can expect to see Black Friday sales cropping up from mid-November right through to December, so it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for offers throughout the month.

Where did Black Friday originate?

Black Friday is an annual American shopping tradition that marks the day following Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas shopping period. Many shops have huge sales with significant price cuts to get people in the shopping spirit. While this tradition is distinctly American, Britain has followed suit and many British retailers now also hold huge Black Friday UK sales.

What Does Black Friday Mean?

There’s no verified reason why Black Friday is actually called “Black Friday”, however there are a couple of different theories. Some people believe the term originates from sellers making big profits and consequently moving from being “in the red” (in debt) to being “in the black” (financially up). There are also rumours that it’s called Black Friday in reference to the mayhem (and sometimes even violence) caused by early Black Friday sales.

How does Black Friday work?

During Black Friday sales, many shops and sites (both big and small) will significantly cut the price of their goods. This is the perfect opportunity to get organised and bag some Christmas gifts at a much lower price than you’d usually fork out for them. Some of the most popular purchases over the Black Friday period include tech, gadgets, electricals and appliances. But you can find pretty much anything you might want in the sales – from clothes to hair and beauty, home and garden and more.

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