Welcome to the new easyfundraising website



It’s here! Welcome to the new easyfundraising website.


It’s quicker, brighter and makes it easier to raise donations for good causes, whether you’re using a laptop, tablet or mobile!


It’s still early days, so you might see the old website from time to time, but don’t worry, everything will work as usual.


We’re taking things one step at a time so that we can make sure everything’s just right. This means not everyone will see our new website straight away, but it won’t be long until you do.

Why have we changed?


Since we started way back in 2007 a lot has changed. Social media has taken the world by storm, the very first iPhone has launched and, now that tablets are a household gadget, the way we shop online is very different.


With this in mind, we decided to revamp our website to give you a smoother experience, no matter what device you choose to visit us on.

  • Quicker: we know you lead busy lives so we’ve made our website easier to use than ever.
  • Brighter: not only is it faster, we’ve injected a bit of flair and freshened up our look. Watch this space as we start transform everywhere else too.
  • Seamless: we’ve redesigned our site so that it can roll with the punches and give you the best possible experience, whether you’re coming to us on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.


What’s new?


We wanted to make sure we kept things simple, so we’ve been careful not to change the layout too much. A couple of bits have moved and we’ve updated a few of our features but the way we’ve done it means it’ll be easy to find your way around.


  •        You are now the focus of your leaderboard. You’ll be able to keep track of what you’ve raised, know exactly what position you’re in and which supporters you’re next to.


  •        We’ve tidied up our top bar and removed the home button. Now all you have to do is click on the easyfundraising logo in the top left corner and we’ll take you straight back to our home page.


  •      We’ve had a sort out in Raise More and decided to split it into two areas. You’ll still be able access everything you need from the top bar so what you’re looking for won’t be hard to find.- Earn extra donations is where you’ll find all the other bits, like the Donation Reminder, app and those extra ways to raise without shopping online.
    – Promote my cause is where you’ll find all your posters, flyers and other tools to spread the word and help your cause raise more.
  •       We’ve moved your favourite retailers from your home page and made them easily accessible through the star on the top bar. Now all you have to do is click that, no matter where you are on the site.


What’s the same?


We might look different but we’re still exactly the same. We still want to help raise as much as possible for good causes by giving everyone an easy way to collect valuable donations and make a real difference to our brilliant causes.


What’s next?


This is just the beginning. You’ll notice that from time to time we’ll take you back to pages on our old site. We’ll be working on those next so you’ll start see the rest of the site transform over the coming weeks and months.


Your feedback is key


If you’ve got a spare few minutes take a look around and take our survey to let us know what you think. If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions to help us make the site even better now’s the time to let us know – they might just become a reality.

Your feedback’s really important to us so if have time to complete the survey we’ll enter you into our prize draw to WIN a £50 donation for your cause to say thank you.

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