The Friends of Quarry Park Dunsville 

As part of our new #MakeitCount campaign, we’re thrilled to share the inspiring work of some of our amazing causes using easyfundraising. We spoke to Tina from The Friends of Quarry Park Dunsville, a community group working to establish a safe, clean park and local nature reserve, providing excellent facilities for the enjoyment of Quarry Park’s local communities.

Tell us about your cause

The Friends of Quarry Park, Dunsville, Doncaster is a local community group, formed in 1996, with a core of around 20 committed volunteers/40 members who support Doncaster Council in their vision to ‘provide a safe clean Park/Local Nature Reserve with high quality facilities to give well-being, health benefits and enjoyment for all in the local communities surrounding Quarry Park and in the wider city area of Doncaster”. The Friends group meet regularly at least monthly on the park to keep paths clear, cut back overhanging branches, trim back brambles from the play areas, keep hedges trimmed and the park litter free as well as plant new spring bulbs, wild flowers and trees and buy and install new seats and benches and recently paint the kiddies play equipment. Our volunteers love the social side of getting together after their hard work for a cuppa and few biscuits and a good chin wag. Our park was a sanctuary during Covid lockdowns and we’re so lucky to have it on our doorstep. We also help to keep the prestigious Green Flag flying, awarded for the last 7 years running.

Why did you sign up to easyfundraising?

We signed up to get free donations so we can purchase more equipment for our volunteers and more things for the park like seats and trees. It was a real no brainer. I’ve used it for another charity that I support for years so I knew all about it and thought we should share the joy with The Friends of Quarry Park members too.

What do you like about easyfundraising?

It’s almost too good to be true, it’s easy peezy to set up your group or charity on it, then just register yourself with your chosen cause and shop away. It doesn’t cost you a bean, you can do it from your armchair and it is literally so easy to fundraise by it, what’s not to like. They are really easy to contact too for any queries.

What would be your top tip for someone using easyfundraising?

Best tip would be to register then get the Donation Reminder so you don’t have to rely on your memory, if it’s bad like mine! Also, spread the word amongst your friends, family and supporters and you’ll soon have lots of extra donations coming in, good news spreads quickly!

Do you do any other fundraising outside of easyfundraising?

Our main source of income is applying for grants but we hold Coffee Mornings in our local library, selling cakes and do raffles and help out our local coffee shop by weeding their forecourt for a donation. We also held a 25th Anniversary Scarecrow Festival on the park in 2021 and charged a small entry fee.

We would definitely recommend easyfundraising to anyone and we thank easyfundraising for being so amazing. We’ve raised over £260 in just a few months!

Thank you, Tina!

Every donation counts for The Friends of Quarry Park, Dunsville, support them today. Sign up here!